CBN- und Diamant-Schleifwerkzeuge und -scheiben von THELEICO



Superabrasives (CBN / diamond grinding tools)

Tailored precision high-performance tools for high-end applications and precision at the highest level.

Manufacturing process

superabrasives herstellungsprozess
  • THELEICO high-tech ceramic bonds were developed for using the different CBN and diamond grain types
  • Optimal incorporation of the grain and high grain retention forces due to coordinated viscosity and boundary surface reactions between grain and bond at low firing temperatures
  • Highest resistance to abrasive wear
  • Finishing / selection of supports according to customer's requirements
  • Tested under internationally recognised safety standards


superabrasives eigenschaften 1
  • Lowest wear, highest service life
  • Possible to manufacture highly porous tools with controlled porosity 
  • Particularly good coolant transport and good stock removal
  • Highest stock removal rate
  • High temperature stability (wet grinding predominantly used)
  • Designed for reproducible high-performance serial production processes
  • Used for new high-performance materials

Delivery range

  • Diameter: from 5 to 750 mm
  • Width: up to 300 mm
  • In all shapes according to ISO / EN standards or drawings 
  • Cutting speeds up to 140 m/s
  • Supports made of ceramic, synthetic resin, aluminium and steel as well as vibration-reducing supports
  • CBN and diamond in all variations and concentrations