Kunstharzschleifwerkzeuge von THELEICO



Synthetic resin grinding tools

Synthetic resins, additives and fillers are selected and combined to develop a grinding tool tailored to your requirements. For greater performance and safety.

Manufacturing process

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  • Synthetic resin-bonded products are hardened in special ovens at temperatures up to 200°C
  • Synthetic resins tested by us in different modifications are used for the manufacturing process
  • 80 years experience in the production of synthetic resin-bonded grinding tools
  • Finished according to customer requirements
  • Tested under internationally recognised safety standards



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  • High shock and breaking resistance
  • Used in both dry and wet grinding 
  • High resistance to temperature change
  • Higher surface quality possible – polishing effect in the fine grain area
  • With fabrc reinforcement from 63 m/s possible
  • Lower shelf life (max. 3 years)
  • Lower resistance to cooling lubricants

Delivery range

  • Diameter: from 50 to 1,100 mm
  • Width: up to 600 mm
  • Grinding discs for face grinding in compact or perforated design, can be screwed or glued onto support plate
  • In all shapes according to ISO / EN standards or drawings 
  • Cutting speeds up to 125 m/s
  • Sintered, zirconium, regular, high purity and monocrystalline aluminium oxide, silicon carbide